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Hi! I'm Hailyn

I’m a Freshman Environmental Engineering major at Clarkson University, minoring Sustainable energy systems Engineering. I’m from Honeyville, an extremely tiny town in New York that really only has an inn, a Church, a trail system, and lots of fields. Despite this, I live pretty close to some bigger cities such as Watertown and Syracuse (about an hour away). 

In high school, I played key roles in many clubs across campus. I was secretary for National Honor society, treasurer for Key Club, a lead mentor for Sources of Strength, and an active member of S.A.D.D., Art Club, Chess Club, Drama Club, and Spanish Club. I also worked with my school to improve the academic and cultural environment of the school from student, teacher, and parent perspectives. 

As Editor-in-Chief and Chief of staff  of my Schools award winning Yearbook team, I learned skills in design principles, high quality photography, storytelling, communication skills, and management and leadership. This allowed me to develop to be a more active member of my school’s community. I also worked with my local Community Foundation, the Northern New York Community foundation, to develop our community to be a better place to live through the Youth Philanthropy Council. In this program, I worked as a communication and service chair to develop programs for the organization. Members worked together to give grants, up to $20,000, to several non-profit organizations in the Northern New York area.

 At Clarkson, I am a member of the Honors Program, the Sustainability Club, Engineers for International Sustainability, The Clarkson University Outing Club and the Society for Women Engineers. I enjoy art, photography, reading, and baking in my spare time. I also love upcycling and finding vintage clothing and items.

My Mission

As a student, I am dedicated to gaining knowledge of techniques of problem solving and how to create items that will work. I hope to become a Sustainable Energy Engineer working on improving sustainable energy systems to become more efficient after completing my degree. The knowledge I gain from my education will make this career aspiration possible for me. Culturally, I aspire to travel to get better knowledge of different cultural practices and techniques. This is important to expand the way I personally view the world and for better collaboration and communication later in my professional career. I am also dedicated to continuing philanthropy throughout my personal and professional life. Between volunteering for different event and organizations to give my time and effort, and donating to organizations that align with my personal values, I will be working towards improving both my community and the wider global culture.

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