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Personal Ethics Statement

My personal ethical code has been continuously developing over time from the interactions from role models in all facets of my life. My family has been one of the biggest influences on my core values. Since I was a young child my family has instilled values of compassion, hard work, responsibility, and creativity. It has always been important to me to have compassion for others around me and support those when needed. Along the same line, growing up it was important for me to treat others how I would want to be treated in a similar situation. I have also been taught that hard work and responsibility will allow me to continuously develop as a person in both personal and professional means. Furthermore, my family taught me the importance of being creative when it comes to solving my own problems and to always staying true to myself. These lessons have been fundamental to who I am today. I have also gained values of listening, trust, and humor from friends, mentors, and those whom I look up to. These values, while seemingly less valuable, have allowed me to gain better interpersonal relationships and important skills that I use in my daily life. 


I also strive to have beneficence and respect for autonomy. I believe that always striving to do the best and minimize harm is important in personal and professional aspects of my life. It's also important for me to respect what others wish to do even if it may not be what I would, so long as it is not extremely detrimental to others. I feel like that is what I would wish for myself, thus it is what I practice. 


As a student studying to become a professional engineer in environmental engineering, I am committed to maintain the ethical standards of the profession. For my field, I not only feel like it is important to protect that environment or people, but that we should do both in the most sustainable way possible. I do feel as though we should work to ensure that the environment is left with little harm. Without a healthy and diverse ecosystem, the biological systems that humans and animals use on a daily basis would crumble. I also believe that we should work to sustain human life in a healthy and equitable way. In both utilitarianism and kantitsm, we have a great duty to protect the environment. Also many of my mentors throughout my life have felt like the environment is essential to human life and thus using virtue ethics, it is something that is meaningful and impactful for me. Additionally, I feel it is important to have hobbies outside of one's profession in order to prevent stress and burnout.


Overall, as I work towards my degree, I am committed to constantly working to become the best version of myself in both my personal and professional life. I am determined to stay true to my core values and my personal ethical beliefs.

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